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A little bit about my journey and the creation of 

Disco Balls and Dandelions:


I started creating bracelets to give as tokens and gifts to my friends, upcycling pre-loved jewellery and finding beautiful beads and natural gemstones.


After a little while of  gaining confidence and skills, I discovered it to a great way to explore my creative side – I found that, by donating or auctioning my jewellery, I could raise funds for causes close to my heart -  such as Animal Rescues, Conservation and Wildlife Projects.



The Disco Ball


This represents my fun side – I have always enjoyed good music shared with like-minded friends, my tribe that have travelled on my journey and stayed through the years to become family.



The Dandelion


Dandelions are one of nature’s flowers that show how life can be short and delicate, that you never know where the wind may take you!


This represents the unexpected changes life can bring, the sad times and challenges - So don’t forget tho dream, wish and take the joy that can come from the smallest things.



“She Has Dandelion Wishes And Lioness Dreams.”

Quote By J. Iron Word


Above all, I have learned that you are never too old to follow your dreams and discover new things (in the world and about yourself.


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