Disco Balls and Dandelions is an official business supporter for 20/21
Fortunately, there is much that can be done to benefit bumblebees. At the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, they work to raise awareness of the plight of the bumblebees amongst the general public, as well as landowners, policymakers and other interested parties.


In particular, we help their members by providing information about bumblebees, as well as newsletters with information and advice about the latest happenings in the bumblebee world. To become a member, visit their membership page.


The Marine Conservation Society is the UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. For over thirty years MCS has been the voice for the sea for all the fascinating creatures that live beneath the waves, for our breath-taking coastal environment, for all those who make a sustainable living from the sea and for everyone who simply enjoys visiting the beach and our glorious coastline.

Make a donation, make a difference

You could be about to do something wonderful for our seas, shores and marine wildlife. Your donation will help MCS ensure that our UK seas are fit for life - clean seas and coasts supporting abundant marine life, healthy fish stocks and enjoyment for all

Visit mcsuk.org

Spiny Norman's Hedgehog Support

Spiny Norman's hedgehog Support was opened in 2015 by Amanda Norman.

This little rescue is dedicated to the declining population of the native UK hedgehog

Disco Balls and Dandelions regular donates and fundraises for the disabled and permanent hedgehogs looked after by the wonderful Amanda from Spinynormans.org