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Beautifully Designed Artisan Natural Gemstone Jewellery
Dandelion Wish Gifts
Welcome to my  website and shop
 A drive to explore my creative side, a fascination for all things Sparkly along with a love of Nature, have led me to create 
Disco Balls and Dandelions.


Disco Balls and Dandelions offers beautiful, nature-inspired jewellery. Each piece is handmade and crafted with creativity and love. Whether it's a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, each item carries with it the wishes and dreams of the maker, to bring joy and beauty to the wearer. Disco Balls and Dandelions is the perfect place to find a unique and meaningful piece of jewellery.


My love of unique jewellery design / resin art and wildlife & nature has created a few NEW projects which helps support fundraising for conservation and animal welfare

These are now apart of the DBDS platform.


Introducing Magical Wishy Snails which have their own branding and sales page, these are handmade resin art wish gifts along with my love of resin style jewellery designs, which have inclusions of dandelion seeds/wishes.


Alongside too is Gifts that give back which has its own brand new page on the drop down menu…

All the items that are available has a donation sent to a choice of rescue or conservation projects, when you purchase an item from this page

Thanks for taking the time to pop by, I hope you like my creations!

Wishy Wabbit Petal
Make a Wish Upon a Starfish
Handmade with love
Be The Sunshine
The Dreamy Bunny
Believe In The Magic
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