The Elements Bracelet by Disco Balls and Dandelions 


Artisan luxury and my own unique design 


Sunstone - Fire

Moonstone - Air

Amazonite - Earth

Aquamarine - Water 


AMAZONITE (earth)- Historically referred to as the ‘stone of hope’ Its earthy colours varying from green to sand are thought to be soothing. It reduces stress and anxiety and promotes courage and creativity. 


MOONSTONE (air) – An iridescent stone with an ethereal, celestial feel. A beautiful white and oyster coloured stone with a moon-like sheen. It is known as the stone of inspiration, intuition and new beginnings. 


SUNSTONE (fire) – The stone of happiness, self-empowerment and good luck. A blush coloured stone, with an unusual shimmer and warmth. It is formed within lava and once it is released on to the Earth’s surface, weathering of the lava reveals the crystals hidden within!


AQUAMARINE (water) - the name in Latin means ‘water of the sea’ In ancient times Aquamarine was thought to be the treasure of mermaids, sailors often carried Aquamarine as a talisman for good luck! A stone of serenity, healing, and peace


This handmade beauty has each natural gemstone wire wrapped in silver filled .8mm half hard jewellery wire, the feel and look  of sterling silver without the price tag

A chunky silver hammered heart toggle clasp finished with soft silver leather cord with matching stones as dangles 

And an artisan beautiful ceramic word bead made by Natalie McKenna of Grubbi Ceramics 


I’m happy to resize this bracelet to fit the wrist of the buyer if needed.


All my jewellery comes with a soft cotton jewellery pouch 


£39.99 plus signed for delivery P&P 


Available on my website soon or drop me a message this page

The Elements Bracelet